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Discover the Power of Words with

"Writing and producing projects are my passion. I believe that's what I was called here to do; create projects and other works to shift or challenge what you think you believe about any given thing. There is no limit to the power of the written word. I am an author, but I don't just count myself as that, I'm a storyteller; a creative. I enjoy bringing things to life through books, on stage, or film projects. It's the reason I staged a play (A Day in the Life), released multiple books, and produced a variety of different web series. I pride myself on crafting stories that are compelling, innovative and inspiring. I consistently ask God, "what would you have me do next?" I wait. He answers.

And I bring my own unique perspective to

whatever I'm creating.

I believe it is critical to use my voice to create

visibility and inspire change."


Craig Stewart presents
Telling Our Stories

The Power of Words

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