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A collection of original quotes, all penned by Craig Stewart, that speak to a variety of relationships that relate to family, friends, romantic love and interpersonal. Stewart was lauded for his openness in a two part memoir series Words Never Spoken, a memoir and One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure, a memoir continued, and the same level of transparency is evident in each of the quotes contained in the relationship chapter of this masterpiece. Stewart does a masterful job of stringing words together in the encouragement section that are sure to lift readers, and wisdom quotes to serve as a compass for life's toughest moments. Stewart has been writing and storing these quotes over the course of the last five years, until now. Enjoy!

Craig Stewart is the host of SO MUCH TO SAY podcast. Available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play, Stitcher, tunein and more.

So Much To Say, A Book of Quotes

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